Chowing at Chego with @fherha! PS eat during happy hour - get free #fries! (at Eat Chego)

Could it be the way that I’ll catch up. #dtla (at The Alleys In Downtown LA)

Attempting to eat some rays of sunshine 😋 (at Little Tokyo Mall)

To Tuesday night - 🎶live indie show. Awesome seeing @hughaugustinemc with @itsaleyeah 🎤 (at Bananas)

Mondays ain’t so bad. (at Grand Central Market)

one of the best pieces of advice i have ever been given. 

Being silly at phils bbq

"how are you NOT going to order BBQ at Phils BBQ?!"

This time last year was utterly different - well for one, I was living in the same city (SanDiego) and I had just finished my first year of college.. We had the time of our lives last summer, we trekked where our hearts desired and spontaneity became our middle names. 

One year has passed and we get together when we can and when it matters the most - graduations, birthdays, etc. Although we cannot be accompanied by each others presence at any given moment, we attempt to make the best of the time borrowed.

Celebrated one year with these gals + Albert last night. From #LA to #SD. So much love for you guys 💕 (at Up2you Cafe)

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