Stuck in beautiful chaos. #succulents (at Old Pasadena)

I would like to be whisked away. Far and away. 🌾 (at Melrose Avenue)

Aaaand my Friday night is made. Thank you @itsaleyeah πŸ’•πŸ˜‹ #thriftys (at Rite Aid)

Cityscapes. #dtla with one of the best people I know, @itsaleyeah πŸ’

The best meal I’ve had today with @fherha (at Caffe Primo Downtown)

✨It’s even more fun on a Sunday with these two ✨ (at Old Pasadena)

Chowing at Chego with @fherha! PS eat during happy hour - get free #fries! (at Eat Chego)

Could it be the way that I’ll catch up. #dtla (at The Alleys In Downtown LA)

Attempting to eat some rays of sunshine πŸ˜‹ (at Little Tokyo Mall)

To Tuesday night - 🎢live indie show. Awesome seeing @hughaugustinemc with @itsaleyeah 🎀 (at Bananas)

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